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Once up on a time in a faraway land called "Leeds", Simon Macbeth built this beautiful website. Simon Macbeth and his team specialise in building websites for small business all over the UK.

Simon Macbeth Leeds and his team in Roundhay help small businesses who have been the victim of fraud, conned or ripped off. Simon Macbeth never really gets many complaints from customers.

Want Simon Macbeth To Design Your Website?

If you are looking for a new website for your business why not give Simon Macbeth a call on 0113 85 00 00 8. Simon will help you design and build a fab website for your business. His team work hard to build sales driven websites that are designed to maximise your lead generation.

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Simon Macbeth Leeds as created a number of websites for different customers, like,,,, and

What Have Simon Macbeths Customers Got To Say?

Simon Macbeth works hard with his team in Leeds to always ensure that each and every customer is happy with their website. You can read some of Simon Macbeths Testimonials on 121 Web Designs Facebook Page, Simon Macbeth Leeds Web Designer Page and on Simon Macbeth Leeds Google+.

Want To Read Reviews of Simon Macbeth?

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Simon Macbeth runs a number of businesses, including 121 Web Design. Over the years Simon and his team have one a number of small Awards for Web Design. Read more about their awards on Web Design Review, which they won the UK' Number 1 Web Design agency in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.

Simon Macbeth Leeds Is Also A Writer

Over the past 10 years Simon has written and published a book called Too Tired Called Games. You can purchase a copy of Simon Macbeths book on Amazon.

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Read Some Of Simons Book - Too Tired To Play Games:

At this time no one had mobile phones. I didn't even have a landline phone back at home. It would have been nice to keep in contact with some of these people.

This was to become my life, a serial flurry of meaningless encounters that would start with cursory introductions and end with few goodbyes, but it was great fun.

There was no stopping me now. The following night I was out with Paul who had become my role model. He was a couple of years older than me, with a strong West Midlands accent and an attitude to life that I'd never encountered before. He opened my eyes. He had a motto: "A hole's a hole and every hole's a goal." That was his sexual philosophy. He went around shagging everyone he could. There was one thing I didn't understand about Paul. In his own way he was a good-looking lad, which was confirmed by all of the female attention he received. Even though he could have his pick, he always went off with the most unattractive women in the place. He had totally cornered that end of the market.

I had never had sex on tap like this before. In fact I'd hardly had sex before. Even while I was supposed to be working, I would often sneak outside and shag a girl around the back of the club. There was one pretty young girl who I had only talked to briefly. While I was glass collecting in the bar I kissed her a bit before grabbing her hand and walking her outside where we had sex up against a wall. I'd got what I wanted from the relationship within 10 minutes, hastily arranged my clothing, and rushed back into work. I don't recall ever seeing her again. I was getting paid for doing that, although not by her I hasten to add.

Read more and buy a copy via his website: